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oziway - the easiest way to earn money by promoting offers on the internet

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Setup your free website filled with offers that you can promote and earn.
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Easy Oziway!

Community Platform for earning money

Innovative social media platform that combines traditional e-Commerce with the possibility of recommending Products and Services to earn a commission. It brings together Promoters, Sellers and Business Partners in the one place.

Step 1

Setup your website 1

You receive a free website, which can be filled with Products posted by Sellers in our Platform.

Do you like technology? Or maybe Fashion is your thing? Choose what you feel good promoting.

Find customers 2

Promote your website and the products on it.

Have a coffee break? All you need is a few minutes per day, to post on social media, send your website link to your friends.

Step 2
Step 3

Collect your commission 3

When a customer on your website buys a product, the Seller will send it to the customer, you don't have to buy and send anything.

You collect the commission and spend the rest of your free time however you like. Easy?

Step 3

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Earn a commission from any place and any time, by using your computer or smartphone. You just promote your new website filled with offers from Sellers, and if the promotion is successful, you earn a commission.

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